Kaltwasser Geysir
Experience the Natural Wonder of the Andernach Geyser

Welcome to the banks of the picturesque Rhine, where one of Germany’s most fascinating natural spectacles unfolds: the Andernach Geyser. As the tallest cold-water geyser in the world, this impressive natural phenomenon offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the power of the earth up close. Located in the heart of the historic city of […]


In old sources, the Gänsehals, a place with a variety of peculiar legends and stories, is also referred to as Geissenberg or Geisberg. In the Middle Ages, a Landwehr, a structure for border fortification, ran eastward over the ridge of Gänsehals, of which ditch and rampart remnants are still visible in some places today. In […]

Lake Laach

The Laacher See is a fascinating natural gem in the Eifel region of Germany. Located near the picturesque village of Maria Laach, the lake is not only a popular destination for nature lovers but also a geological and volcanic wonder. Originally formed around 12,900 years ago by a massive volcanic eruption that created an impressive […]

Cochem Castle

The Cochem Castle, majestically perched above the picturesque town of Cochem on the Moselle River in Germany, is an impressive landmark of historical significance and architectural grandeur. This imposing fortress attracts visitors from around the world and tells a rich history that has endured for centuries. Originally built in the 11th century, the castle was […]